14mz, Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 14MZ User Manual. Get Futaba 14MZ Manual. Get all Futaba manuals! 14MZ. 14 CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. PCMG3/PCM/FM selectable. INSTRUCTION. Compact Flash (CF) Card Handling Instructions Follow these precautions when handling the CF card included in your 14MZ transmitter. DO NOT allow the.

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Confirm the proper model memory has been selected.

Bought a Futaba 14MZ GHz !

Cookies can be themselves or others. Warning Once you turn on the power, never shut off the power switch until the power becomes stable or until the first screen shows up. When you want to set maanual condition independently, select the single mode. Sets the date and time system clock setting and resets the timer. Operation modes The operation modes when stick, trim lever or VR are selected are described below. Up to 10 mixings can be used for each condition.

Always read [Precautions when mounting the receiver and servos] of [Before using].

The winglet is a vertical or angled extension at the tips of each wing. When mounting the receiver and servos to the fuselage, connect the necessary points in accordance with the kit instruction mabual. Switch selection When the switch select button at a mixing function screen or other screen is touched, the selection shown below is called.

Stop flying long before your batteries become low on charge. Touch the Group button and switch to the Sngl mode. Reset the digital trim setting. Sub-Trim Setting of neutral position manhal each servo.

Airplane, general This function selects the switch and rate adjustment of each rudder, ailerons, elevators, or flaps when a snap roll is performed. When you select model and wing swash types, you will find that the optimized combinations of servo output channels and functions have been already preset.


FUTABA 14MZ Instruction Manual

Insert the switch block so that it fits correctly into the body of the transmitter as shown manul the picture and use the hexagonal wrench to tighten the screws. Dual ball bearings on each axis and a long-life potentiometer ensure smooth, precise control.

Failure to follow the proceeding precautions can quickly result in severe, permanent damage to the batteries and its surroundings and possibly result in a FIRE!

When the Instructor activates the trainer switch, the student has control of the aircraft if MIX or FUNC mode is turned on, the Instructor can make corrections while the student has control. The center position of the servo throws, generates differential throws, and indicator is based on the Sub-Trim settings.

Winglets are used to improve the efficiency of aircraft lowering the lift-induced drag caused by wingtip vortices.

Futaba 14MZ Manuals

Gyro sensitivity and mode switching The gyro sensitivity and mode switching function is dedicated gyro mixing of the Model Menu, and can be set for each condition. Switch Switch Toggle switch type setting Setting when the switch was replaced. It is not intended for use in any application other than the control of models for hobby and recreational purposes. Page 53 Model Type This function selects the model type from among airplane, helicopter, 14nz glider.

To add new models or to call a model already set, use the Model Select function of the Linkage Menu. Even though the screen freezes, all the other functions for radio control operation remain operative. If you notice the touch panel is not functioning correctly after long use, we recommend you to carry out this calibration. Model Select The Model Selection function performs model addition, call, deletion, copy, 14mx model name setting.


Adjust the hovering pitch so that rotor speed is constant. You can listen to them through the built-in speaker or a headphone by the earphone plug. Stick Each axis is supported by dual ball bearings. Timer Timer setting and lap time display.

User name registration and ID Pin number. When you do not want to use the Condition Select function, this setting is unnecessary. Condition Select Flight conditions addition, deletion, copy, condition renaming, and condition delay can be set.

When the button is touched, it toggles between Gr. To re-attach, use the face nuts to attach switches from other positions or optional switches to the switch block. The internal circuit of the transmitter starts the shut down process including manhal the set-up data.

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V-tail [Corresponding model type]: Connect the receiver and servos to match the type used. You can use the toolbox contained in the set for various adjustment of the transmitter.

The preset elevators and flaps camber flap, brake flap offset amount can be activated by a switch. Reverse is also Trim change possible. When the Offset button is touched when operated to the position to be changed, the reference point is offset. When you also want to input the same setting contents at other conditions, perform setting in the group mode initial setting.

This stylus pen can let you do more precise operation than fingers without damaging the surface. Page Curve setting operation Manuual section describes the setting procedure of curves which are used with the AFR function and each mixing function.

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