78L15A 3-terminal Regulators Description. Datasheet, Download 78L15A datasheet. Quote ZM2BG79W: xmm DOME LENS SMD CHIP LED LAMP. Returns accepted if product not as described, buyer pays return shipping fee; or keep the product & agree refund with seller. View details. Seller Guarantees. 78L15A, 3-Terminal Regulators. List of Unclassifed Manufacturers List of Unclassifed Man 78L15AC, The Linear ICs Three-Terminal Low Current Positive.

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Meanwhile I will create a new design of the voice-card using more recent components.

For our best services,and good quality, We have got their trust 78l15. Increase Productivity Superior Process: It is a transistor array consisting of 5 NPN transistors. The last rare part of 78k15a voice-card are the connector sockets on the PCB. Incorporation of AS Standard into our business processes and Component Compliance Verification ensures that we are taking every measure to mitigate the risk associated with procurement of components on the Spot Market.

The biggest challenge was to rectify the distortion of the image caused by the camera lens. So looking ahead I need to some up with a strategy to substitute those parts with more current s,d e.

The author of this tutorial states that you are exposed to low voltage. Unfortunately this is not possible because the VCO will become unstable due to temperature.

The sound is legendary. This will help to spot errors which then can be corrected in the layout. We have been services with honesty and winning with quality based on the business concept of Quality First Customer Foremost.


To create a faithful replica 778l15a tried to copy the layout as close as possible. Oxygen Electronics is committed to fighting counterfeiting. It is this consistency which enables Oxygen to continually improve our levels of customer satisfaction. After printing out the component placement plan see attached documentsI will start soldering today. As expected some of the parts are out of production for a long time.

In some cases the PCB layout was blurry or covered by some of the components. Please try again later. Looking ahead I will come up with a solution to replace them.

If you have any doubts please contact a professional service. These are vintage Molex connectors not used anymore since the 80s probably.

Oberheim OBX voice-card replica creation

The member registration is currently not possible. This project is to recreate the original voice card and eventually develop a drop-in solution for vintage OBX but also OBXa synthesizers. Lets work together for the electronic 78l15x We can provide the following parts1.

After doing some analysis the cause could be rooted to out of specs components produced by Central Semiconductors.

BUK626R2-40C,SmdCode:626R2-40C,Package:SOT428,Manufacturer:Nxp – Marking Codes

Also after hours spend searching why the VCO is not oscillating I reached the point where I had to investigate the component level. After creating the PCB I started with sourcing the parts. I will use them for the prototypes though.

Life Support for the Procurement Process. Although we take great care about our tutorials neither the author nor obsoledo takes any responsibility for insuries, false information or any damage caused by this tutorial. The PCB creation was straight forward. The Oberheim OBX synthesizer is one of the most sought after vintage analog synths. You must be logged in to post a comment.


The next challenge was to wire everything up to test it. First I started with the VCO section. The look fine but I spotted one small mistake. I got some of the first prototypes of the IC.

Diskretne komponente – Alma Electronic

The breadboard and a dedicated PSU connect directly to the voice card. You can download our educational brochure on how to spot counterfeiting and the very latest list of counterfeited parts from Brokerlynx. Some of them can be switched high or low such as sync and the waveform. The software I use has an option to load images as a layer. Eliminate Procurement Problems Process: Warning Level of difficulty: Fortunately some companies started to produce them again.

Search 78l15z Inventory for Part Number. Our proprietary U-Shaped Process integrates every aspect of a transaction, including outside partnersto ensure that the job is done right, while minimizing your vendor database.

The final test rig looks like this: In the photo you can see the circuit layer on top of the image of the original PCB.


In these instances I used the schematics and took 78l15aa best guess based on the overall PCB design. One of the most difficult and expensive parts to source was until recently the CEM envelope generator IC. If all you need is price tendency, visit Pricelynx.

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