James Casbolt Mi6 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read A large part of the project focuses on creating espionage agents and. James Casbolt is also known as “Michael Prince” The PDF of the book is available below. I have included the 1st pharagraph “My name is. Even the name James Casbolt means “valiant, decorated warrior of death .. Because of this, I have parts of my mind that are “buried alive” in my subconscious.

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Agent Buried Alive – A Survivor of NSA Genetic Enhancement and Occult Warfare Projects Speak Out

Later, this name was leaked in England, and a cover story was created involving various science fiction stories to cover the real activities of UNIT. No guried messed with me after that. Perchowski, Commander Clavius and Commander Breaker, as well as the new generation of scientists, doctors and torturers, will pay dearly. I am glad now I did not sell them. The kind of nano tech he uses was too dangerous and could contaminate more than one cares to fathom.

One man stood to the left of the chair, and another man stood to the right.

A very famous politician, who I will not name at this time, was in attendance. There are both positive and negative factions in the NSA and British Intelligence involved in an internal war with each other. They are turned in with coveralls when you leave. This is sonic, ground-penetrating weaponry that attacks deep underground but leaves the surface unharmed. Otherwise if those two absolute values are not the truth, we will all be stuck. Some say Azazel was the first to rebel when God told him he must serve humans, as they were created in his image.

James Casbolt MI6 – Buried Alive | Super Soldier Forum

The Depopulation agenda will not happen. They felt it was time for humans to evolve on their butied. The belief in physical angels was declared as heresy, and the text did go underground and straight into the hands of the secret societies.


I was back in St. This is not easy, though, because when one layer of programming is uncovered, another one is usually found underneath it.

To understand Project Mannequin, we must get a basic understanding of the belief system of the people running it. Chapter – Psychosexual Mind Control. Many of these bases were hidden underneath Indian reservations, and the primary bases were in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. This information caabolt stored in compartments in my mind that only the handlers of the project had access alivr and could bring forth using hypnotic triggers.

This entire event filmed. The woman seemed to occupy the Mother Goddess role, as she then proceeded to hang a bunch of coloured ribbons onto the wall on her left side and told us to pick one ribbon each. I was agenr a knife and told to stab the kitten to death.

This session included a ritual in which one of the children a small burisd was thrown into a cage with an attack dog and murdered in front of the rest of us. She then handed each of us a type of puzzle, which we had to put geometrical shapes together.

Ives, Cornwall with my father, who had just been released from prison for drug trafficking. Their symbol alivve a red cross within a circlewhich was associated with the planet Mars. One for personnel and guinea pigs and one for vehicles. I ran over to him and knocked him out with one punch.

When I saw the film, I immediately noticed this was just watered down physics the NSA had taught me in the past. In December, Liam Clarke, a friend of Crole, was found hanged in a park. I was born in London in I remember one early afternoon at this time being driven to the Greenham Common military base in Berkshire by two men in a white car. This led to the strange decision by St Augustine AD that the Book of Enoch was too old Ob nimian antiquitatem to be included in scripture.

The secret committee then became a secret division of the US government called the Central Group. The cover was MJ Magnetic Journey studies. Jenna Parry, 16, found hanged on the morning of 19th February, was thought to be a close friend of at least one other victim.


Factions that were loyal to the people of the planet were battling it out with factions that didn’t care about the people and just wanted as much technology as they could get there hands on. Back to my point I was coming down from a huge rush of adrenaline, and I felt very pleased with myself, as if my superiors agejt going to be very happy. My name is James Michael Casbolt. There are photos of some of these chips in this book. So i put him iin a black saturn cube nad in a vast black ocean of goo The horns are usually short.

A large part of the project focuses on creating espionage agents and assassins who have undergone genetic enhancements, which will be discussed in greater detail in this book. I jqmes been practising martial arts since I was six years old, as my mother would force me to go to Karate as a child. Yes, the large Pleiadian craft are here. James Casbotl MI6 – Buried alive.

The allure, of course, is that while most viewers would regard the film as snazzy science fiction, the author’s swore it was the strait up truth. Ina group of Pleiadians Tall Humanoid beings with blond hair and blue eyes approached the US government, under the Roosevelt administration, in an effort to work out an eventual military disarmament arrangement [Al Bielek cwsbolt to this group as the “Kondrakins” [my spelling[ This may sound unbelievable to many people, but a vast amount of evidence will be presented in this book.

The German scientists developed a technique at the concentration camps known as trauma-based mind control. The attacks would take place between the 25th and 30th August [] I was told.

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