Is it possible to print XLS, HTML, or RTF reports using Apache FOP? If not, is there another open source or free print server that will do this?. “JFOR, an open source XSL-FO to RTF converter has been integrated into Apache FOP. This will create an RTF (rich text format) document that will attempt to. FOP can render to PDF as well as SVG, PS, RTF. The result of rendering with default font. Mar 22, AM

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Apache FOP Output Formats

Dithering only occurs if the JAI image library is available. However the principles for using iText for other PDF features are similar.

Note that not all compression schemes may be available during runtime. No, do you know any other way to get that? If you want support for all border modes, set the value to “quality” as apachd above. To interpret them, you must run them through a formatter, along with other data, such as graphics and font metrics, to create a final displayable or printable file.

Apacheā„¢ FOP Output Formats

Images and SVG are not fully supported, yet. Rft then open Wordcreate a simple document with several layout features that are bound to pose a challenge on the conversion to XSL-FO.


At the moment, only monochrome output is supported. Not all PCL printers support the same output bins.

PCL 5 is used for text, raster graphics and rectangular fill graphics. Here is a list of possible values:. Matt on May 19, Email Required, but never shown. Thanks for the article, Lucas. The name and value attributes are mandatory. This is primarily for testing and verification. One workaround is to use Adobe Acrobat the full version, not the Reader to process the file manually or with scripting that it supports. Kevin Brown 6, 2 11 The page-source extension attribute on fo: For the higher settings to work as expected, JAI needs to be present in the classpath.

The AFP Renderer requires special configuration particularly related to fonts. Fan Timmermans on April 28, Seriously I made search for a week. Not all PCL printers support the same paper trays. Multiple include-page-segment extension elements within a simple-page-master are allowed.

The tag-logical-element extension element can only occur within a simple-page-master. The resource foreign attributes provides the ability to name and control where data object resources e. PCL 5 is used for text, raster graphics and rectangular fill graphics. The include-page-segment extension element allows to define resource substitution for fo: By default the AFP Renderer converts all images to 8 bit grey level.


There’s a number of output formats which are on our wish list. To enable the dithered mode, use “dithered”. The actual value will be rounded up to the next supported PCL resolution.

apache fop rtf to pdf – Re: RTF and PDF

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. It would also give me an interesting alternative for the solution I described above: Dimension that allows to force the pages to be proportionally fit into a bitmap of a given size. By default, all manually configured fonts are embedded, unless they are matched in the referenced-fonts section of the configuration file.

The default value for the “text-rendering” setting is “auto” which paints the base fonts using PCL fonts.

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