Owner’s manual for the Pentax Spotmatic SP model 35mm SLR camera When the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic was introduced to the public at the Photokina. Distributed by Page 2. Distributed by . Page 3. Distributed by Page 4. Distributed by WWW. The Pentax Spotmatic refers to a family of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras manufactured by Asahi Optical used the name Takumar for their lenses. . Pentax Spotmatic, Takumar Info, Manuals and Photos ยท Spotmatic Family of Cameras.

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The camera name is derived from the use of spot metering on the original design of the asahl. Steve M Smith Posted 7 years ago.

Spotmatic Battery Replacement. | Asahi Pentax Spotmatic | Flickr

The Spotmatic may also be set manually the same as any other quality 35mm camera if special lighting or selective focus effects are desired. It can be set up in seconds, and when disassembled, fits neatly into a pouch-type case which occupies very little manial. In vertical position B.

Mahual them with isopropyl alcohol before using them, make sure the contacts are pressing firmly against the batteries, and don’t handle the contact areas of your batteries with your fingers. When the needle rests at the center, you will get correct exposure, If the needle does not come to the center no matter how far you turn the diaphragm ring, change the shutter speed.

After the final picture on the roll 20 or 36 exposures has been taken, the rapid wind- lever will not turn all the way as you stroke it. With the shutter speed dial set on B bulbthe shutter will stay open as long as you depress the shutter button. The following table illustrates the film plane-to-subject distance that can be covered by Leica-mount lenses when using this adapter.

Robert Burnham Posted 7 years lentax. Complete with filters, slide holders, lens cap and dust cover.

As well as a number of minor improvements to the meter components and film transport, the SP II was fitted with a HotShoe with a switch under the rewind crank for FP and X- flash synchronization and the ASA range was increased to Edited by zaphad1 member 5 months ago. Primarily for use with Leica lens mount enlargers. As of today I can finally take pictures with metering!!!


Pentax Spotmatic

Asah Burnham 7 years ago. Edited by SilverChrome7 member 7 years ago. Greyscale3 6 years ago. Honeywell Pentax lens hoods are recommended for use whenever possible to guard against off-angle light which will cause flare in your pictures. Did your meter work with the previous battery?

Film Advance Ratchet-type rapid wind lever for film advance and shutter cocking. When you release the shutter, the diaphragm automatically stops down to the predetermined aperture and the shutter curtains start traveling instantly. Hold the camera firmly with your left hand, and draw your arm close to your body. You might need to also use rubber o-ring or aluminum foil spacers to get a good fit.

I know it’s not ideal but it does the trick. If correct exposure is obtained when the meter is in the centre of its travel and this is the needle’s resting place when ssahi meter is off then it is a bridge circuit. Spotmatic will give you correctly exposed photographs without the use of external meters or the need for cumbersome, time-consuming calculations! If the asai is not covered by warranty, Honeywell’s regular charges will apply. If your subject is not in focus, the microprism will break the image up into many small dots, much like an engravers screen.

There was also the Pentax SLwhich was identical to the Spotmatic except that it did not have the built-in light meter. The result was much more likely the expected. The camera allowed one to focus the lens at maximum aperture with a bright viewfinder image.

Edited by fotostevia member 5 months ago. My Pentas was metering very unevenly in different lighting conditions with the new 1. Don’t be so aggressive as to break it off though.

It worked great and fits the hole perfectly. Too bad I couldn’t find sources that would refer me to the AG9 battery earlier. It’ll make you feel better, won’t it? Honeywell shall not be liable for any repair or alterations except those made with its written consent and shall not be liable for damages from delay or asqhi of use or from other indirect or consequential damages of any kind, whether caused by defective material or workmanship or otherwise; and it is expressly agreed that Honeywell’s liability under all guarantees or warranties, whether expressed or implied, is strictly limited to the replacement of parts as hereinbefore provided.


The meter seems to work fine: This camera manual library is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved.

It was the first version to offer open-aperture metering, but this needed the updated Super-Multi-Coated S-M-C Takumar lenses with an aperture-position linkage to the camera. A hot shoe mabual flash was added and the synchronization FP or X was placed on a dial switch located below the rewind crank.

Shutter curtains of special rubberized silk. Buy spotatic couple as they only last 3 – 6 months. Under some atmospheric conditions, erratic or too rapid rewinding will cause static electricity marks on the film.

This is the first time I’ve seen it, and you’re absolutely right: With focal length longer than 55mm, the subject image is seen through the viewfinder larger than its life size. The azahi is the center portion of this diagram. Just align with the index the orange-colored figures of the diaphragm and distance scales, and the lens will be in fixed focus from foreground to infinity.

You must get a Wein Air battery to replace it.

Pentax Spotmatic – – The free camera encyclopedia

I’ll have to figure out the meter’s nuances while adjusting aperature doesn’t seem to matter whether in A or M lens manuqlbut it moves appropriately when the shutter speed is changed. I printed out what I can use for the SP and will take it out today. I’ll poke around the other threads for that info, but I just wanted to affirm the drop-in use of the S battery for those with a similar camera.

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