“The Uplift books are as compulsive reading as anything ever published in the genre.”—The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction In all the universe, no species has . Sundiver by David Brin. Sundiver book cover. logo logo. Rating / Murder on the chromosphere of the sun. Free preview. Sundiver (Uplift, book 1) by David Brin – book cover, description, publication history.

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The good ideas rarely go anywhere beyond the obvious, the characters are irritating and often don’t make sense, and the story is disappointing.

It became even more disappointing at the end when it was posited that, hey, maybe he sundover have a split personality after all, just an overactive imagination! The Uplift Saga 8 books.

Sundiver – Wikipedia

As a result, although Sundiver is primarily a mystery, it lacks the threat offered by a credible villain. He could see the young dolphin’s training machine next to his, its image reflected in the mirrors that reflected his faceplate.

But when the alien Fagin, suniver Kanten who is in charge of the Institute of Progress, asks him to join Dr.

One of the lines that stuck with me is how the humans worked hard to erase from history any records of the extinct manatee and orangutan, species the rest of the galaxy would have punished Earth for losing.

Of course, by trying to appeal to all these aspects, Brin walks a tight rope. SF2 Concatenation February 6, at 3: I can’t say I’m sorry to have read it, since my memory edited it down into a much better story, but I can only recommend it as background for later, better books. This is also a very quick read. View all 8 comments.


The same could be said of Peter LaRoque, an irritating journalist who does nothing to endear himself to the reader, and Helene deSilva, the station commander that feels relegated as the love interest of Jacob.

I’ll clean up the dishes later so don’t you touch them! The Uplift books are tied for my bgin sci-fi series with Asimov’s original Foundation series.

And if so, why did they abandon us? His non-fiction book — The Transparent Society: Circling the sun, under the caverns of Grin, Expedition Sundiver prepares for the most momentous voyage in history–a journey into the boiling inferno of the sun.

The story is more action than I remember, but the quality of the ideas and the vividity of the world is sundjver there. I expect it will eventually capture my attention and enjoyment.

I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice to say that, while I did not guess the entire mystery early on, I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to discover the saboteur’s identity either. I don’t know how you did it, but Makakai’s attention span in English was at least twice normal.

In ” Temptation ” included in the newest story collection, Insistence of Visiona female dolphin on Jijo — on the run from two predatory males — stumbles into a deeply dangerous ancient secret.

I finished the novel xavid enough to try the next book in the series someday, even if not motivated to immediately grab a copy. The characters, particularly the protagonist and main point of view character, Jacob Demwa, are likeable.

I thought I had outgrown space operas, frankly. No species has ever reached for the davic without the guidance of a patron–except perhaps mankind. Combining this with an earlier conversation about Culla’s eyesight, Demwa concludes that Culla can project laser light from his eyes: Of course, the female captain of the Sundived spaceship is fit, tough, incredibly attractive, lascivious and unapproachable. However, the opportunity to work with Bubbacub, the Pil in charge of the Earth Branch sundivsr the Library Institute, the most important alien ambassador on Earth who also is in charge of the most important institution on Earth, entices Jacob to take the job.


The sequel to this book won pretty much every major Sundivwr award, so I guess I will give it a try. With him on Mercury are: The same goes for how Brin portrays post-Contact Earth.

The audio was thoroughly mediocre. Well told, well paced, and having finished this first in the series I am thirsty for more! Dwayne Kepler the head of the Sundiver expedition ; Dr. Jacob tried to make his eyes focus on the squiggly lines, but they swam back and forth like ocean swells.

Sundiver by David Brin

He is enjoying his current job on Earth at the Center for Uplift working with uplifted dolphins, testing their IQs and ability to work with mechanized tools.

Mildred Martine a psychiatrist ; and the exuberant journalist Peter LaRoque. The main character, Jacob Darwa, is a sort of Hercule Sundivee in a galactic interracial plot. I shall simply drop the brinn.

A human exploration mission into the chromosphere of the Sun, treated as ridiculous by most of the galactics since the shared Library Institute certainly contains more information about stars than human technology could possibly uncover, has found strange and apparently sapient creatures living there:

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