This manual provides technical information necessary for servicing the FTR Transceiver. Servicing this equipment requires expertise in handling. Compact FTR Mini-Manual. Size, x8 inches. Twelve high-quality laminated pages, loaded with detailed instructions. An ideal short-form instruction . Yaesu FTR Operating Manual Expanded Edition (courtesy of W5JCK). Page 2 of Table of Contents. About this Manual.

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Internet Connection Feature — — Values: To configure for the narrower bandwidth, use the following procedure: Do not install the transceiver on top of another heat-generating device such as a power supply or amplifierand do not place equipment, books, or papers on top of the FTR. See page 33 for details. Store A Hyper Memory 1.

The FTR allows you to scan just the memory channels, the entire operating band, or a portion of that band.

Repeater Operation The FTR includes a number of features which make repeater operation simple and enjoyable. Press the momentarily to enter the mode. Scanning operation is basically the same in each of the above modes. Scanning The FTR allows you to scan just the memory channels, the entire operating band, or a portion of that band. ft-900r

Yaesu FT-8900R Operating Manual

For example, you can set up the “left” side of the rig for operation on 29, 50,or MHz operation, while setting the “right” side either to MHz or MHz. Notes are presented as below: Rear Panel Connections 9 Amperes continuous duty. DIAL to confirm the callsign. Page 69 Menu 46 [AUT. Two seconds after the carrier has dropped because the other station s ceased ft–8900r, scanning will resume. It may be used for configuration of fy-8900r wide variety of transceiver parameters, some of which have not been detailed previously.


Clears all memories and other settings to factory defaults. These safety tips apply to any device installed in a well-designed amateur radio station.

Menu H 26 Pkt. Finally, rotate the SQL knob fully clockwise. Enter the transmit and receive frequencies separately, as shown in Store Independent Transmit Frequencies on page Convenient Remote-Head Mounting Capability Having trouble mounting your mobile radio in your compact car? Depends on the band of operation. The use of the shortest possible length of the highest quality coaxial cable that fits within your budget will ensure the best performance from your FTR.

To unlock the panel switches and knobs, select in step 3 above. Recall A Stored Memoryalthough the original memory contents will remain intact on the previously-stored channel. About This Manual Notes are presented as below: When you start scanning, the FTR will be changing frequency in the up- ward direction.

External Speaker 12 Watt Peak. Activate Automatic Power Off To configure for the narrower bandwidth, use the following procedure: Menu 5 Beep Stores your callsign into the. Consult your Yaesu dealer for details regarding these and any newly-available options Connection of any non-Yaesu- approved accessory, should it cause damage, may void the Limited Warranty on this appa- ratus.

Page 64 See page 48 for more details. Menu h 42 VFO. If you want to change direction of the scan while it is underway, rotate the DIAL knob manhal click in the opposite direction in this case, one click counter- clockwise.


Tone Search Scanning CTCSS station or stations, you can command the radio to listen to kanual incoming signal and scan in search of the tone being used. To cancel thepress the key momentarily.

Operate Through Repeatersyou may set the direction of the repeater shift manually. Only the Preferential Memory Scanning channels which have the icon displayed will be scanned. CW Identifier on page 51 for details. Auto Range Transponder System 5. The FTR is an electrical apparatus, as well as ,anual generator mannual RF Radio Frequency energy, and you should exercise all safety precautions as are appropriate for this type of device.

Page 51 9 to establish the link to the Internet link repeater.

Yaesu FTR Mini-Manual

Dcs Code Inversion Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To change the power level, press the [ LOW ] key to select one of four power ft-8900g.

This feature is useful for emergency portable work in a remote area, and for cross-band linking. Standard Memory Scanif necessary. Occasionally, signal inversion can result in the complement of a code to be sent or received. MH be changed by the user, if you wish to utilize another function on one ft8-900r these keys.

See page 63 for details.

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