Learn more about Chris Gekker in the Encyclopedia of Trumpet Players. For trumpet, french horn, trombone, and tuba: books, CDs, DVDs, interviews, online I first became aware of the great Chris Gekker as a student at the Eastman. Notes on Practicing Chris Gekker Constantly monitor your weaknesses and strengths, adjusting your practice accordingly. Focus on what you.

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After you have finished, which will take about two years, you will have no trouble transposing, and can easily maintain your skill.

Chris Gekker

Similar sessions on any demanding piece will benefit all of us. Use Sachse’s Etudes, each etude in as many standard transpositions as possible.

Apr 30, 2. These include single notes and sustained exercises that end with a long tone.

Bone2Pick: Chris Gekker

Emphasize single and “K’ tonguing; multiple tonguing is a shortcut using these articulations and grumpet really improve only when they are highly developed. Experience will be necessary for most people to reach their potential, but I believe that the physical intensity involved is a big part of the problem.

Soft, continuous playing, without metronome. This will help upper register power. When working in the more traditional collections Boehme, Duhememphasize the etudes with four or more sharps or flats. Don’t pucker the lips to produce these notes and don’t “bark” from pedal C downward, trying to get these pitches in tune. Reading clefs and other “formulas” gskker help, but don’t rely on them. Good for building strength. Play slowly enough to finish each exercise perfectly.

Clarke Characteristic Studies, 3. Many trumpeters start off well, but fade quickly after a few minutes; other get off to a slow start tumpet lack the stamina to hang in there and recover. Emphasize the use of harmonic slurring through all gekkker valve combinations, so that the tongue does as much of the work as possible. Sotto voce soft practice.


This loud playing should be as relaxed as possible so the geiker will be warm and without strain. True skill, the kind that will stand up under pressure, is reflexive, learned by experience and repeated exposure.

Hold the last note until all air is gone, then squeeze the last bit out. Very few players do their best.

Notes On Practicing-Chris Gekker.

This way you will always get stronger and stronger as you perform the piece from the beginning. Many players leave auditions believing that they played well because they didn’t miss any notes, but remember that errors in basic rhythm and subdividing are often only noticed by the listeners.

This can be solved by avoiding only long, moderately paced practice sessions where almost all the playing is at “practice room mezzo forte. Schlossberg Daily Drills, 82, very slow, long last note, continue into pedal register.

Practice pedal notes in this fashion, too. Soft scales and arpeggios to high E, F, FG. Ease of execution and a feeling of relaxed strength are the priorities here. Using metronome, each one takes 4: Then we can perform within a zone of relative comfort.

The point is to enter a zone of fatigue and stay there, remaining as relaxed and efficient as possible. Clarke Technical Studies, 7th Study. Memorize from the last movement or page to the beginning, even if you use music when you perform. With as many as possible, learn on at least two different trumpets. And the great jazz musician Charles Mingus, who often spoke of the heightened spontaneity he heard in gekksr by the Budapest String Quartet.


Dynamic contrast practice, using excerpts. It is not just for building speed: Search Media New Media.

Use both Bb and C trumpets for all excerpts, when possible. Concentrate on Studies I through 8, at least one a day. Intonation will correct itself with patient practice and playing these tones too loudly will forfeit many of the benefits.

Notes On Practicing-Chris Gekker. | Trumpet Forum & Trumpets For Sale

Arban Complete Method, p. If playing heavy, strenuous concerts, practice lightly with frequent rests to refresh your chops. Do you already have an account? Write solo pieces that gfkker what you do best, even if you will be the gekmer audience.

No, create an account now. The throat is tightening to compensate for weakness at the back of the tongue. Discussion in ‘ Trumpet Discussion ‘ started by dbaconJun 4, Learn to articulate at fast tempos, and also how to create motion within long notes. The soft practice will improve your sensitivity and give you confidence in touchy performance situations, and the loud “bursts” will condition your body and mind to relax in fortissimo passages, improving your tone and accuracy. Simply improvising scales, arpeggios, slurs, and different articulations is also good.

Do gekkwr a week.

Learning transposition from these methods will result in a shallow, easily rattled technique.

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