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Present cases of successfull production of positive impacts by po,peu administration actions he experienced on different continents. Using compliance requirements to boost business performance.

In addition, the analytical procedures are evolving by means of equations and indicators that show the behavior of the accounts and make it possible to identify uncommon situations, as parts of continuous audit systems KOGAN et al. In direct reporting engagements, the auditor gledsonn the one who measures or assesses the subject matter according to the criteria. By transferring this concept to the context of oversight, pompu can say that application of the same statistical methods and analytical techniques to auditing activities which some authors call Audit Analytics has the purpose of contributing so auditors can make better decision regarding audited entities.

Limited Liability Company Merry Jefferson 2 years ago Views: There are also specific mechanisms to visualize the inconsistencies generated automatically, based on accounting equations, and inconsistencies that are not corrected within pompeuu established deadline generate an automatic registry of accounting restriction. In financial audit, materiality is a synonym of relevance, except in a situation of fraud and high level of sensitivity to the activities of the entity.

Finally, this paper presents data on the information systems that keep the financial records of the Federal Accounting System and makes considerations on the potential contributions of the new audit practices supported by information technology, aiming at improving financial audit activities within the Federal Court of Accounts Brazil TCU and other oversight institutions.


Level 1 Articulated Plan: From the perspective of internal controls, Siafi has some tests that are similar to the concept of continuous monitoring: How to connect government and society in order to co-create services and processes that will be more compliant to the needs of society?

To take advantage of this innovation means to improve management of financial resources, by detecting and correcting in a timely way the deficiencies of internal controls, errors and frauds, as well as to improve risk management and governance.

Doris de Miranda Coutinho Councillor, member.

Série Questões – Tecnologia da Informação – Gledson Pompeu – Gleyson Azevedo-ISSUU PDF Downloader

The result of the measurement of the subject matter according to the criteria is presented in 56R revista do TCU The financial audit has More information. Auditing in the Big Data era: Contents of the Standard 3. Examine, analyze, and interpret accounting records for the purpose of giving advice or preparing statements. Install or advise on systems of recording costs or other financial and budgetary. Auditing Interpretations of Section 1.

Finally a new accounting and technology paradigm. The reasoning is simple: In an entity this size, allocating resources adequately, at the right moment and right place is not an easy task. The financial information contained in these documents are organized and consolidated in order to enable production of the financial statements of the Federal Government that are consolidated in the General Balance Sheet of the Union BGU.

President, Shared Services Canada. The transformation of IT Risk Management. Enterprise Services Integration Transforming Features into Services Enterprise Services Integration Transforming Features into Services The complexity of information systems for health sector organizations is a global challenge that results in an exponential increase in More information.

Gledson Pompeu

Download “Financial Audit the era of Big Data: This change will also require and enable the advance of financial audit, aiming at ensuring reliability of the data in a more detailed level and in a more timely fashion.


Several other systems produce financial information that is channelled to, recorded and consolidated gledsob Siafi, according pomleu identification and respective balances or amount of transactions represented din Figure 2. General provisions Grounds for application of the Standard Provisions of the Standard 2.

pomeu Public companies have new obligations to report. Internal Audit Charters Internal Audit Charters Part of a series of notes to help Centers review their own internal management processes from the point of view of managing risks and promoting good governance and value for money, More information.

Série Questões – Tecnologia da Informação – Gledson Pompeu – Gleyson Azevedo-ISSUU PDF Downloader

This favors quicker decisionmaking and contributes to make operation of economy and governments more dynamic. For more information visit More information. Questions how the relationship between levels of government can be thought out and articulated in order to jointly produce innovation and generate synergy in areas where powers are shared or where there is interdependence between Brazilian federal, state and municipal administrations.

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Title: Série Questões – Tecnologia da Informação – Gledson Pompeu – Gleyson Azevedo

Perspectives for continuous financial audit in the Federal Government The Federal Government is one of the largest entities in the world from the accounting perspective. As a result, we can say that we live in the Big Data era: For more information visit www. Thus, the main internal pompru are already automated in the Siafi system and can be also checked automatically. Portal do Governo Brasileiro.

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