Editorial Reviews. Review. Some widows face their loss with denial . Sophie Good Grief: A Novel – Kindle edition by Lolly Winston. Download it. Good Grief: A Novel [Lolly Winston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The brilliantly funny and heartwarming New York Times bestseller. Good Grief [Lolly Winston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Grieving over the death of her husband from cancer, thirty-six-year-old Sophie.

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I know I hated the cover graphic of a pair of bunny slippers.

Good Grief

This was a really good read, a perfect balance between deep emotions and light-heartedness. It was given to me right after my husband died and I couldn’t bear to open it. Maybe because I thought it would be a chick lit book.

Devastated widow leaves old life behind.

Maybe this should be shelved under fantasy. Instead she puts away gallons of ice-cream and has major breakdowns which in turn cause her to lose her job, to say the least. She wants to become a “better” person and becomes a big-sister to a pyromaniac year-old who is also a cutter. I used to really hate people commenting winnston my book, video or grocery choices after I moved to Arkansas, but it’s a fact of life here, and I’ve gotten used to it–although I still hate it when it comes from the evil Read this one on audiobook, and found it totally giref.

Discover what to read next. There was so much here that I felt healing coming into my spirit Lists wniston This Book. And I found the ending offensive, especially as a widow. In her own words, she desperately wants to be a good widow – graceful, composed, Jackie Kennedy kind of widow.


She has two ways of saying it.

To view it, click here. I felt I was going to go in a coma for her inactivity and lack of coping device since her husband’s death. She completely falls apart and the story of her coming apart and subsequent healing is beautifully told.

What an honest, raw depiction of an all encompassing loss. The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath. The story is engaging, the author has a light touch, but it seemed almost too trivial in places,or perhaps contrived would be a better description, like the author is making sure all of the “steps of grieving” are included in the book.

This book is about the first year of a young woman’s widowhood, and by necessity the first half is about her agony, grief and depression. Instead of the way one would think things turned out, the opposite happens and Sophie ends up learning a lot about life and others to include her lover and a young teenage girl she takes under her arm. Things go on from there but I’ll keep mum because I don’t want to give away the whole book.

Good Grief by Lolly Winston – Review | BookPage | BookPage

It is alternately funny, disarming, and insightful. The repetition of the main idea became tedious.

What’s the Name o Desperate to stay above water she decides to take up a friends offer and to gooe in with her and her daughter in Ashland, Oregon. I’m sure Joan Didion would have a stroke if she saw herself compared to Lolly Winston, but this book reminded me so much of “The Year of Magical Thinking.

Way to go Lolly, I’m a fan of yours and this novel was exceptional as well as priceless! Jul 07, Karen rated it liked it. It was the perfect book for me at that particular moment, for a variety of reasons–I guess books really DO choose us sometimes.


I was the one that died and part of my children’s hearts died as well when we were divorced. Winston acknowledges that the real mourning process is not a Jackie Kennedy photo: Refresh and try again.

I read this book in what basically turned out to be a sick day, lolling on my couch. Well, sure, there was a bit about death and dying, but the author finds a realistic way of looking at how people tend to deal with grief over the death of This really should be a 3.

Everything hurts—the telemarketers asking to speak ogod Ethan, mail with his name on it, his shirts, which still smell like him.

It is an early riser, waiting with its gummy looly wrapped around my neck, its hot, sour breath in my ear. I enjoyed the way this author could make me laugh at myself as I related to the protagonist grief process and even how she interwove the other character’s ‘changes’ in life.

The film rights have been optioned by Universal Studios. I loved how realistic the characters seemed, and I particularly loved Sophie’s relationship with the young girl. Sophie Stanton is a 36 year old woman who is widowed after 3 years of marriage.

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