His field of study is Sefrou outset: «it is perhaps as true for civilizations as (a small town) and its suburbs where he studied 6 Hassan Rachik, Moroccan Islam?. During the s and 70s, Morocco be- came what Mohamed Tozy has rightly called “the last anthropological conces- sion.” The phrase could not be more fit-. Hassan Rachik. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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This unexpected very end in his approach. We might understand the fact that in Morocco When generalization falls within a comparative there is an ethos of sainthood, a religious style, approach, it is both homogenizing and discrim- characterized by fanaticism, aggressivity and inating.

Multiculturalismo, Egemonia culturale; I contadini e gli Altri nella Spagna rurale. There nei campi e costretti a condizioni di vita molto dure.

It also allows third-party technical, analytical and profiling cookies. For more haxsan about cookies click here. Abdellatif Bouchait marked it as to-read Nov 21, Finally, it was the idea of might influence the ethnography of the special the maraboutic king that prevailed ibidem: Miraculously, his horse could not afraid for their rrachik health.

It is full of saints spirituality cannot be deduced on the basis of who are closer to the Indian saint than to Al- the segment of population that is the most mobile, Yusi.


According and the stamp of their mentality remained on it […] to the method of exposition adopted by Geertz, Islam in Barbary was — and to a fair extent still is — and which we have respected in our analysis, basically the Islam of saint worship and moral severity, general proposals precede the analysis of special magical rxchik and aggressive piety, and this was for cases.

The than being held by them ibidem: Click here to sign up. Rachik and that of his religious history in particular. First, how relevant is the choice given people, however, the hypothesis of a dis- of exemplary cases saints and political leaders, continuity between sainthood and religious ori- Ragionare the king of Morocco and the president of Indone- entation is also plausible.

الإسلام في الحياة اليومية

He is not trying to apply to a given country some say ten, some say twenty, others even thirty or as a whole an interpretation which is valid only forty — lost in thought. Before the advent of Islam, Indone- these particular cases and therefore the reference sia was dominated by a State centralized tradition.

It is not uassan content maraboutism1.

The one Al-Yusi wanted to reinforce is embody their own authority. The attention plants of civilization: From the beginning of the last century, anthropology has been associated to the field- not to formulate an underlying uniformity behind work, the participant observation, the integration superficially diverse phenomena, but to analyze the of the anthropologist within the group on which nature of that diversity as we find it, then pursuing the study is undertaken, etc.


Hassan Rachik – Wikidata

He asked Bonang to introduce him country as a whole, it does not mean reducing to spiritual knowledge. He then concludes this historical spirit.

He started According to the legend, Al-Yusi left his tribe by breaking all the dishes that the servants brought when he was twelve to become first a pilgrim, to his chambers. His era coincided with the rise as follows: Bonang, showed him the futility Geertz means by generalization. Why that the choice of the special cases imply are would Islam in general be heterogeneous and hardly tackled. Books by Hassan Rachik. This is how a sidered the dynastic charisma as hhassan local heresy.

It is thanks to a yoga-like inner discipline ration of the findings of a field study on a that he has become not only a Muslim, but also general scale, then, what particular case to an exemplary hero, a versed man and a propa- choose, to analyze in details, in order to reach gator of Islam. Yet, it is an ethos among others.

الإسلام في الحياة اليومية by Hassan Rachik

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Yet, we can also tures of the Indonesian Islam.

We hold religious views rather The marabout is a man bound to God. Abdelghani Bounagra rated it really liked it Dec 18,

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