10 / | DOC | KOSTAL operating manual PIKO inverter – 20 herewith declares that the inverters PIKO , 10, 12 as of FW , to which this. PIKO – solar inverter from Kostal. The Kostal inverters with a DC power of 9KW and 2 DC inputs are on stock from a supplier in Germany. The manufacturer . PIKO | | | □ Extremely wide input Quality guarantee “Made by KOSTAL” Producer: KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbH, Hagen, Germany.

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We have created an illustrated set of instructions for this. How can I set up the upload for my output data? Setting up the upload How can I set up the upload for my output data? The respective devices have a high level of functionality and an extraordinarily comprehensive equipment.

The other serial numbers from the composite system will then be detected automatically. The serial number can be found on the type plate, directly on the inverter’s housing.

The following scenario assumes that the inverters have been installed and pre-configured by a skilled engineer and have been connected to a commercially available SOHO Internet router with DHCP functionality.

Insofar as your inverter has already recorded income, the data will be transferred to the Suntrol portal within the next five minutes. With a correspondingly strong and competent parent company equipped, it is the Kostal Solar Electric GmbH possible to offer inverters for various application areas.

Setup for your inverter is now complete.

Powerinverter Repair center| service | repairs | complaints | Germany | Europe | branch | inverter

Inverters Kostal Solar Electric GmbH are therefore optimally usable for photovoltaic systems of different dimensions. We carry out not only the maintenance of the solar system by, but take care and for example, the repair of the inverter. Each module in this respect should be able to work kosta. Vor dem Einschalten einige Minuten warten, damit sich interne Kondensatoren komplett entladen haben. Wichtiger Hinweis bei fehlenden Ertragsdaten Important notice for missing production data.


Service Technically, the Kostal Solar Electric GmbH on comprehensive communication in combination with the latest technology. The name of the Suntrol Solar Portal appears underneath the portal code and the box next to the portal name is activated.

If you are using several KOSTAL inverters within a single system, it is sufficient to enter an arbitrary serial number from the composite system for purposes of identification. Daran arbeiten wir, auch wenn derzeit leider mit begrenzten Mitteln.

Wir arbeiten an der Fehlerbehebung. Furthermore, the inverter in a few steps can be configured in accordance with the prevailing requirements in their country of assignment.

Leave the DNS server address unchanged. Hier finden Sie Hilfen zu typischen technischen Problemen: The group Kostal has now specializes primarily in the development and production of electrical, electromechanical and mechatronic products, the Kostal Group always directed their focus on the high-technology segment of these product groups.

However, the advance planning of Kostal Solar Electric GmbH also allows an appropriate adaptation to other countries as well as a development of the central inverter to cope with larger DC voltages can. If, over the years to a defect in the inverter offers Kostal course an extensive warranty, under which you can carry out the complaint.

In parallel with the matching software is available to customers of Kostal Solar Electric GmbH also a separate area on the company’s website is available that contains a solution to download for virtually every conceivable situation.

The central inverters of Kostal Solar Electric GmbH is based on the latest techniques and is designed to meet the medium-voltage regulations for Germany. Do not include spaces in the name.

If necessary, recourse to the support of the Kostal Solar Electric GmbH is made simple, fast and user-friendly. Keep in mind that an inverter repair is further significantly less burdensome for the environment, compared with the replacement of the entire 83. Sehr geehrte Kunden, seit dem Data transfer is now configured.


Over the years the company has undergone some changes that often arose hand in hand with the necessary technical advancements of the corresponding time. Please contact your network administrator for installation in complex network systems.

This causes a test transfer to be started. The philosophy of the company in accordance with the devices easy to install and equipped with extensive extras for a correspondingly smooth communication. Among other things, the Kostal Solar Electric GmbH offers its optimized product range and its distribution network in the respective markets in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Kostal Over the years the company has undergone some changes that often arose hand in hand with the necessary technical advancements of the corresponding time. It is designed to operate with a wide input voltage range for photovoltaic systems. Remember that regular maintenance of the solar modules and inverters can greatly extend the life of the solar system. Information on the inverter repair, you get here.

Its main focus is on the traditionally strong markets for photovoltaics.

Kostal Piko 8.3 (2 MPP-Tracker)

Different branches of the Kostal Group are today in almost 20 countries around the world. Power Piok from Kostal Solar Electric GmbH support either a single-phase or three-phase supply of the energy produced to ensure a transformerless conversion. If a repair is necessary, we buy and order the appropriate spare parts and integrate them on the spot in the solar system, to keep the cost as low as possible for you.

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