Adoniram Judson biographies, American Baptist missionary to Burma. Adoniram Judson, Jr. (August 9, – April 12, ) was an American Congregationalist and later Baptist missionary, who served in Burma for almost forty. Adoniram Judson. ( – ). Apostle of the Love of Christ in Burma by Eugene Myers Harrison. THERE IT WAS — the site of the historic Let-ma-yoon prison.

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Soon after commencing my judsoj service in Burma, I went to Mandalay, then through the dense jungle growth to the memorial slab marking the site where Adoniram and Ann Judson, America’s first missionaries, endured such incredible sufferings as ambassadors of Christ. The efficacy of the love of Christ!

It was another difficult year before the Judsons finally reached their intended destination, Burma. I believe that he suffered death, but I cannot believe he suffered the shameful death on the cross. Fifteen men came to his first public meeting in April Therefore I will glory in reproaches, in persecution and in distresses for Christ’s sake.

During the long voyage the Judsons changed not only their physical, but also their denominational, latitude and longitude.

Because he could barely speak above a whisper, due to pulmonary illness, his public addresses were made by speaking to an assistant, who would then address the audience. The glossy black curls had all been shorn from the finely-shaped head. The progress of Christianity would continue to be slow with much risk of endangerment and death in the Burmese Empire.


Again took the main river. Adoniram Judson Adoniram JudsonBaptist missionary, was the first American clergyman to devote himself to Christianizing Burma. Many listened wistfully to the foreigner’s preaching, for even their depraved hearts discerned in his message the tender and imperious accents of the voice of God.

When he finished it at last inhe had been labouring on it for 24 years. Then came a crushing misfortune. Judson, instead of welcoming him to the faith, pressed him biograohy asking if he believed what he had read in the gospel of Matthew that Jesus the son of God died on the cross.

Officers led by an official executioner burst into the Judson home, threw Judson to the ground in front of his wife, bound him with torture thongs, and dragged him off to the infamous, vermin -ridden death prison of Ava. Judson’s spirit groaned within him.

Retrieved December 29, from Encyclopedia. Judson began public evangelism in sitting in a zayat by the roadside calling out “Ho! As the result of a protracted study of the New Testament in the original Greek, they decided to become Baptists. U Shwe Ngong shook his head and said, “Ah, you have caught me now.

Adoniram Judson

Upon reaching Calcutta biographh had blessed fellowship with the English Baptist missionaries, Carey, Marshman and Ward, and formally aligned themselves with the Baptists. Addoniram opportunity came to him through Ko Tha Byu, a Karen slave who was sold one day in the bazaar in Moulmein and bought by a native Christian, who forthwith brought him to Judson to be taught and, if possible, evangelized. The desperate need of a perishing people was matched by the love of Christ blazing judspn the soul of Adoniram Judson.


As he tried to compose himself, the dreadful cries from the next room continued. The wondrous love of Christ! While studying for the ministry at Andover Seminary, MA, inhe and several other students determined to devote themselves to the foreign missions.

Judson, Adoniram (1788-1850)

The students inspired the establishment of America’s first organized missionary society. In he was licensed to adonoram by the Orange, Vermont, Congregational Association preparatory to the pastoral ministry; however, he had strong inclinations toward overseas missions.

Mahatma Gandhi, Indian lawyer, adoinram, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist…. Ann was perhaps the greater model of supreme courage.

Adoniram Judson Biography

Just at this critical juncture another difficulty arose. Burma threatened Assam and Bengal ; Britain responded by attacking and absorbing two Burmese provinces into her India holdings to broaden her trade routes to East Asia.

But it was not easy to find and accept his place in the divine program. Astonishingly, he found them prepared for his preaching.

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