Life history: Anagyrus pseudococci is an endoparasitoid that places its eggs ( about 45/female; /host) between the wax filaments on the. CITRIPAR. Anagyrus pseudococci. CITRIPAR. Unit of packaging. Anagyrus pseudococci (parasitic wasp) Pack size: 50 ml bottle. Contains: mummies mixed with. Anagyrus is a large genus of parasitic wasps from the family Encyrtidae. Anagyrus is distributed . Anagyrus pseudococci (Girault ); Anagyrus pulcher (Ashmead, ); Anagyrus pulchricornis (Howard ); Anagyrus pullus Compere.

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Anagyrus pseudococci is a well known encyrtid parasitoid capable of developing on a variety of mealybug species Planococcus spp. Pseudococcidaewith notes on Anagyrus dactylopii. Use as a biocontrol agent in greenhouses is more recent, with successes noted in greenhouses in Texas and Europe Noyes and Hayat Female Paeudococci pseudococci and exit hole in a mealybug host.

It belongs to the family Encyrtidae of the Mediterranean origin. Biobest and Pseudocpcci company Bugs for Bugs team up through equity deal.

Anagyrus pseudococci

Don’t need the entire report? Application Adult wasps will emerge from the mummies within one to five days depending upon the ambient temperature. Let’s make things easier for you We can offer you more relevant advice, if you let us know where you are and what language you prefer.


Timing of releases is important in increasing the effectiveness of biological control programs using Anagyrus pseudococci. Anagyrus pseudococci female developmental time ranges between 14 and 18 days, and male developmental time ranges between 12 and 27 days Chandler What crops would you like to get updates about?

The adult wasp will emerge from a round hole in the mummy. For more information please contact us. Adult males are smaller than the anavyrus 0.

The egg stalk connection is broken by the fourth instar Daane et al. Two factors reduce the efficacy of A. Description Adults show marked sexual dimorphism: Anagyrus pseudococci is arrhenotokous; females lay unfertilized eggs that develop into males or fertilized eggs that develop into females. White areas are anagyrs at the base of the antennae where the antennae join the head the scape and portions of the legs.

Green and Runner bean. Production is carried out using innovative techniques under controlled quality assurance standards such as ISO Flying Doctors Hive Turbo B.


You have successfully registered. Flying Doctors Hive B. For more severe infestations, also deploy Cryptobug.

Ants reduce the effectiveness of biological control against mealybugs, and growers will have to treat for ants to achieve the best results Daane et al. Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: You’ll only have to do this once allowing cookies to remember your preferences.

Insecta Natural enemy of Nipaecoccus viridis Phenacoccus solenopsis Planococcoides njalensis Planococcus citri Rastrococcus iceryoides. Interested in biological control? Storing them for a period can have a negative impact on their quality and is only possible under the conditions described below. Mini Hive Seed Production B.

Anagyrus pseudococci

Pseuodcocci adults display sexual dimorphism Figures 1 and 2. Koppert uses cookies and similar technologies cookies. Mode of action Female adult parasitic wasp parasitizes the mealybugs.

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