Chair key features: Seamless or Luxury upholstery option; Standard, Ultrasoft and Ultrasoft Pro upholstery fabric options; Smooth, synchronised, near-silent chair. Belmont treatment centre with S unit-mounted operating light. Key features: Over-Patient delivery system; Holder, Place and Rod type options; Mobile delivery systems options; Seamless or Luxury upholstery; Upgradeable.

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You can adjust your Community Subscriptions bel,ont Settings. The most up to dated technical skills and knowledge and advise the kind of you take only from those close to you.

Cart Cesta The split cart type crafted with a solid iron steel height adjustable gUh frame offers additional flexibility with rear delivery system. Luke from Dental Engineers has been incredible. Fully integrated micromotor with digital display panel providing full endodontic features 3 fibre optic outlets Rotatable cuspidor with detachable bowl for improved hygiene and ease of cleaning Fully programmable chair and module for multi operator use S operating light featuring touch-less sensor switch, patient mirror and composite curing safe mode.

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Belmont – Clesta II Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

Getting my own surgery for the first clesstai was looking to find professional that would be able to share my vision and mainly my principles. Display in Community Feed. Belmont UKDental Chairs.


Pedestal Type The pedestal type cuspidor has no umbilical; this eliminates the need for a utility box, making for a belmoht appearance and simplified cleaning. Exceptional service, helpful and professional.

We then looked around and found a refurbished one, that he kindly installed the next day. Integrated cuspidor – The highly durable integrated cuspidor creates an attractive, aseptic environment for the patient and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

Belmont Clesta II-CM (E) Dental Chair Package – Eclipse Dental

Central Control Panel – Easily understood icons. The unit can be configured for use by left handed individuals, as well those that are right handed. Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. Luke is an absolute star with fixing things he has never let us down and always finds the problem no matter what.

Belmont Clesta II-CM (E)

cleata The E Type has extra functionality, such as the ability to control electric micromotors. The E Type has extra functionality, such as the ability to control electric micromotors. Apart from being an incredibly nice guy, he knows what he is doing and, most important of bslmont, always puts his customers first. Luke, the company’s director restored not only my old faultyalmost ready to get rid of chairbut also the faith that there are actually professionals who truly care and will always take the extra mile for their customers.


After our durr VS suction pump broke down one morning, he kindly visited us on the same day to help us out just a few hours after my initial call. Rod Type The hand instrument console can be located close to the oral cavity. He has great prices on new equipment too! Phone Also, the swing arm provides smooth and easy movement to suit individual working positions and long hand instrument tubing offers a wider range of operating positions.

A day later that suction also broke down, so Luke came back and forth a few times to get us fully running again!! After exhausting all repair options he advised us that a new like for like suction pump was needed as there wasn’t enough space for a different brand. The level of professionalism and customer service is commendable and I would highly recommend using their services and expertise.

Belmont Clesta II

The A Type is air driven, making for a less complicated unit, which is easier to troubleshoot and repair. Luke and clseta team are amazing!

If you want a dental engineer that you can rely on and who charges fairly for his time, you’d be mad to go to anyone else.

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