This Regulation applies to the behaviour of the steering mechanism of motor vehicles of category M1, and vehicles of category N1, with the maximum. ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: VEHICLES WITH REGARD TO STEERING EQUIPMENT Incorporating: Supplement 1. Regulation No 79 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with.

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The type approval authority or ee service which has granted type approval may at any time verify the conformity control methods applied in each production facility. This document concerns UN Regulation No. There shall r97 be any increase in the outer radius of the swept annular width.

Type of steering equipment, steering control, steering transmission, steered wheels, and energy source. Skip to main content. Provisions for Trailers 6. Results of tests, vehicle characteristics Trailers equipped with a connector for the supply of electrical energy to the trailer steering system shall be marked to include the following information: Penalties for non-conformity of production 9.

However in the case of a failure in any system which shares the same energy supply steering shall be ensured in accordance with the relevant failure conditions of Paragraph 5. Malfunction or failure of any part of the ASE except for parts not considered to the susceptible to ec as specified in paragraph 5.

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As the means of establishing the normal operational levels, verification of the performance of the vehicle system under non-fault conditions shall be conducted against the manufacturer’s basic benchmark specification unless this is subject to a specified performance test as part of the approval procedure of this or another Regulation.

The vehicle shall be loaded to its technically permissible maximum mass distributed between the axles as declared by the vehicle manufacturer.

However, in the case where any mechanical part of the transmission is designed only to give position feedback and is too weak to transmit the total sum of the steering forces, this system shall be considered to be purely hydraulic or purely electric steering transmission. One steering movement shall be made to the right and one to the left. This has led to several concerns regarding responsibility for the primary control of the vehicle and the absence of any internationally agreed data transmission protocols with respect to off-board or external control of steering.

The effectiveness of the steering equipment, including the electrical control lines, shall not be adversely affected by magnetic or electric fields. Full power steering systems fitted to trailers where the energy necessary for operation is transmitted from the f79 vehicle; 1.


If the chosen provision selects a second back-up means to realise the vehicle control system objective, the principles of the change-over mechanism, the logic and level of redundancy and any built in back-up checking features shall be explained ecw the resulting limits of back-up effectiveness defined.

This Annex defines the special requirements for documentation, fault strategy and verification with respect to the safety aspects of Complex Electronic Vehicle Control Systems paragraph 2.

The requirements of paragraphs 5. The manufacturer shall, by the use of this identification, affirm that the equipment supplied conforms to the corresponding document. Proposal to clarify requirements of the optical signal for a CSF intervention to ensure sufficient flashing tell-tale visibility for the driver, to specify the duration of such ACSF signals, to ensure a safe hierarchy of signals e. Limits defining the boundaries of functional operation Paragraph 2.

GAR | Steering Equipment

If special information is needed, this shall be made freely available. The above approval f79 affixed to a vehicle shows that the vehicle type concerned has been approved in the Netherlands E4 pursuant to Regulation Nos. The nominal operating voltage is 24V. Ecee the case of axles fitted with ASE, this test shall be repeated with the vehicle loaded to its technically permissible maximum mass and the axle equipped with ASE loaded to its maximum permissible load.

In the case of any other form of control it means the distance between its centre of rotation and the point at which the steering effort is applied. Annex 2 to this Regulation gives examples of arrangements of approval marks. A break in the external wiring of the electrical control rce fitted. Trailers equipped with hydraulic steering transmissions shall comply also with Annex 5. Priorities of signals on multiplexed data paths shall be stated wherever priority may be an issue affecting performance or safety as far as this Regulation is concerned.

ECE regulations: ECE R Supplement 4

Where provision is made for several arrangements of the mass on the axles, the distribution of the maximum mass between the axles shall be such that the mass on each axle is proportional to the maximum permissible mass for each axle.

Full power steering systems 5. However, for trailers with self-tracking steering equipment a test under Paragraph 6. The energy level to be used for the tests referred to in Paragraphs 5.

As far as practicable and subject to agreement between the vehicle manufacturer and the type approval authority, the steering equipment and its installation shall be so designed that, without disassembly, its operation can be checked with, if necessary, commonly used measuring instruments, methods or test equipment.

  ACI 531-79 PDF

Alternatively d79 protection requirement is fulfilled when a secondary means of checking the correct operational status is available. The steering equipment shall be designed, constructed and fitted in such a way that it is capable of withstanding the stresses arising during normal f79 of the vehicle, or combination of vehicles. A red warning signal, indicating failures defined in paragraph 5.

Therefore, the Regulation does not permit the general approval of systems that incorporate functions by which the steering can be controlled by external signals, for example, transmitted from roadside beacons or active features embedded into the road surface. Supplement 3 to the 01 series of amendments — Date of entry into force: In the case where the braking system of the vehicle shares the same energy supply as the steering system and there is a failure in the energy supply, the steering system shall have priority and shall be capable of meeting the requirements of paragraphs 5.

The approval mark shall be placed close to or on the vehicle data plate affixed by the manufacturer. The test manoeuvres shall begin at an energy storage level given in paragraph 5. A fully searchable, accurate, user-friendly resource for consolidated regulations that are updated quickly and frequently.

It comprises the electrical wiring and connector and includes the parts for data communication and the electrical energy supply for the trailer control transmission. After any failure in the steering equipment, or the energy supply, it shall be possible after eight full stroke actuations of the service brake control, to achieve at the ninth application, at least the performance prescribed for the secondary emergency braking system See table below.

Types of steering equipment Depending on the way the steering forces are produced, the following types of equipment are distinguished: When the system is not deactivated dce the driver, e. Ecd shall be accompanied by the undermentioned documents 7r9 triplicate, ecr by the following particulars: Traditionally the major requirement has been that the main steering system contains a positive mechanical link between the steering control, normally the steering wheel, and the road wheels in order to determine the path of the vehicle.

Chapter 11 Volume P.

Help Print this page. This may be provided by a labelled block diagram or other schematic, or by a description aided by such a diagram.

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