: The Practice of Zen Meditation (): Hugo M Enomiya-Lassalle: Books. German Version. July 7th – Hugo M. Enomiya Lassalle † in Münster. Father Lasalle was born as son of a Huguenot family on November 11th in. Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle. Books By Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle. Most Popular Books. The Practice of Zen Meditation. List View | Grid View. Books by Hugo.

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In Septemberhe had an audience with Pope Pius XIIin which he revealed his plan to build in Hiroshima a cathedral dedicated to the idea of world peace.

It was Father Lassalle’s idea and work. Education Gyger studied — special education i.

It was renamed Sanbo-Zen International in Student societies in the United States Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Ten Bulls topic Vietnamese water puppet depicting a scene in the parable. In he went to Japan to take over at the Sophia University in Tokyo a professorship for German language.

Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle

Enlightenment spiritual topic Enlightenment is the “full comprehension of a situation”. Together with lasalle he created in the ‘Jochi Settlement’, a social work in the slums of Tokyo.

Views Read Edit View history. Roman Catholic writers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Brigitte D’Ortschy: Member feedback about Japanese Zen: He spent the rest of his life near Bern, where he did most of his writing.


His experiences found expression in many books and publications. It was lassakle that he changed his German first name “Hans” to the French “Jean. He is both the oldest and sixth-youngest officeholder as a consequence of the year gap between his second and third terms.

References Gerta Ital’s profile in “Journeys East: In Septemberhe had an audience with Pope Pius XII, in which he revealed his plan to build in Hiroshima a cathedral dedicated to the idea of lasaalle peace. This includes the Indian and East Asian religious traditions, as well as animistic indigenous religions.

Ai-un: Hugo Makibi Enomiya-Lassalle. Bridge Builder between Zen and Christianity () – IMDb

Member feedback about Niklaus Brantschen: Member feedback about Index of Buddhism-related articles: He returned to his own religion, Buddhism, and eventually came into contact with Rinzai teachings. Roughly equivalent terms in Christianity may be illumination, kenosis, metanoia, revelation, salvation and conversion. Lasxalle became engrossed in the spirituality of Zen Buddhism and became even a qualified Zen Master. Member feedback about Gerta Ital: Japanese culture Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

She recorded her experiences in two books, The Master, the Monks and I: Member feedback about List of modern writers ennomiya Eastern religions: Despite the unpopularity of such a position, Lasalle urged other Christians to practice Zen meditation, stating that kensho was not inherently Christian or Buddhist.


Member feedback about Thai Forest Tradition: For his role as mediator between eastern and western thinking Father Lassalle got much acknowledgment. He then moved to Spain, mastered the Spanish language in a few months and entered the Spanish Civil Service where he rose to become a senior official in the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Member feedback about Heinrich Dumoulin: Classification This East-West religious distinction, just as with the East-West culture distinction, and the implications that arise from it, are broad and not precise. Eventually, he also grew distant from Rinzai Buddhism enomiyaa was unsatisfied by his life as lassalld businessman.

During the second strophe he imperceptibly passed away into God’s eternity. She concluded her graduate studies at the University of North Carolina and w Member feedback about Sanbo Kyodan:

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