This brief guide explores content strategy’s roots, and quickly and expertly demonstrates not only how it’s The Elements of Content Strategy. By Erin Kissane. BACK IN THE WEB’S Pleistocene period, I received an e-mail from a young content strategist. “Excuse me,” she wrote, “but there is a. About the Author: Erin Kissane is an editor for Contents magazine and Source, a community site for journalists who code. She was previously a.

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Although you can finish The Elements of Content Strategy in a few hours, it doesn’t feel like elemenys shortchanging you on the depth of the topic. It really takes a long time to produce content. Before you can improve something, you have to know where it stands.

Kissane shows you what content strategy is all about and why you should care about it.

Third chapter is the weakest – it feels the most uncertain about it’s content, probably because this part of the process the actual process and methodologies doesn’t have hard and fast answers.

It has 3 sections: Every option has pros and cons. I help people plan for, design, make, publish, and maintain really good content online. You might soon find a lucrative career in content strategy.

Apr 17, anna b rated it really liked it Shelves: Some things this books says are: A Book Apart 3. The many disciplines that make up content strategy Kissane walks through how content strategy is a fairly new discipline, but it was borne out of several families, including editorial, which is about getting the story right, and being concise and accurate.

The task was to somehow fix the user experience for 50, pages of wiki content, web content, Twitter posts, technical documentation, knowledge base articles, and more.


Content strategy also comes from the marketing world, where a focus on the user or customer is paramount, and that driving user behavior is a goal.

Return to Book Page. In fact, I think the title is supposed to invoke E. Added to this, I found most of the conteny geared around traditional waterfall approaches to projects.

It makes things run faster and smoother. In order to create compelling content one needs to both remain consistent in formatting and grammar, and also write persuasively. In my role at work, I wear both hats — content creator and content strategist sort of. You can read an excerpt at A List Apart magazine, or buy it direct from the publisher in a beautiful paperback edition, as a set of DRM-free ebook files, or both. While some residual value remains in businesses running brick-and-mortar stores, the Internet is now the marketplace, a virtual mall so to speak.

It’s better than most books I’ve read on the subject, but it also suffers the same fate. Kissane’s book is an excellent quick read that covers the subject fully and highlights the unique value of the of the content strategist. Luckily it is not a long book. The question of what is “quality content” is nailed down quite well in a very satisfying way. Yet it’s moderately well written for the abstract subject matter it covers. And it can include examples for each type of content to help make it concrete.

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This overview of content strategy is a must for anyone about to tackle elementx job of writing for the web. Nov 05, Abby rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a must-read for anyone who works in, on, or around the web. I think this will broaden her perspectives on the industry, and perhaps her role within it.


I’ll also be able to adapt some of these ideas into my work process. Mar 29, Corey Vilhauer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Look for entry-level jobs in web editorial, online marketing, or information management.

The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane

Seeing the importance of this field but I’m not in it. May 07, Stringy rated it really liked it Shelves: Part of the confusion about roles no doubt stems from the newness of content strategy as its own discipline. Apr 10, Christine Esoldo rated it it was amazing.

Stay current with the latest in tech comm. First chapter is excellent. Clearly a chinchilla needs a wheelchair ramp, but a chameleon Jan 23, Nathan rated it really liked it.

The Elements of Content Strategy

I liked Kissane’s breezy style and enthusiastic recommendations for further reading on the subject and on tangential topics too. Thinking Out Loud about Product Management: The ‘A Book Apart’ series is shaping up to be filled with must-reads; just assume kiasane should get them when they publish. Useful for managing content projects. Will the content be as compelling as what I might create myself?

And then, if you can handle the excitement, you turn to the most important part of the book: Last week I had a discussion with a colleague about this issue. And if you have a product or a company with a website or application, you need a content strategist.

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