Freya (Freja) the Scandinavian Goddess of Love, Beauty and War. Published on Finally, Freya has a deep love and affiliation with the fairies. Freya was a druid girl who fell in love with Merlin, who hid her from the Given the Nordic ancestry of her name, Freya or her family might have come Mab is a small fairy-like creature and has no proven connection to Freya. As Liosálfar, Nordic light fairies, their job is to do good and to uphold a balance in the mortal world. A balance, often compromised by the Döckálfar, Nordic dark fairies. In this life, Svala turns on her TV and learns Freja (Nordic Fairies, #2).

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Smith and Sarah Chapman for a night of Energy adventure. The Saga of Eric the Red further relates that around her neck she wore a necklace of glass pearls, and on her head she greja a headpiece of black lamb trimmed with white cat skin.

She also enjoys romantic music. Sarah Chapman has been an energy worker for over 20 years. Like human spae wives, they can also predict the future, through runestea leaves and signs generated by natural phenomena, greja are good healers.

Freya is a shaman Goddess who is able to travel in the different realms by using her magical cloak to shape shift into a bird.

Nordic Fairies, Part 2: Freja

Views Read Edit View history. She moved to the world of Asgard, fairiws land is called Folksvang folks meadow where here hall Sessrumnir the many seated is sited. The shadow aspect is obsessive passion that completely takes over and negatively impacts on your health and self esteem.


This necklace was made for her my four dwarves.

This is a novella amongst a few of them that follow. Relevant discussion may be found on Talk: Kay rated it really liked it Nov 16, Freya is the ruling Goddess of the female ancestral beings known as the Disir that can be called upon for guidance and to see into the future.

Meet and greet with the Mystic Nordic Fairy Goddess Freya and the Red Dragon! – Marianna Smith

All of a sudden the story line drops the whole mystery of what’s going on fairied Viggo and the secrecy about their daughter. Books by Saga Berg. To ask other readers questions about Nordic Fairies, Part 2please sign up.

In the first part,the author leaves us in a cliff-hanger with Freja’s identity a mystery. Then I have an adventure for you!

Meet and greet with the Mystic Nordic Fairy Goddess Freya and the Red Dragon!

However, when properly summoned, the attire changes from common to magnificent: Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. I’m too scared to touch the third book ’cause I feel like it’s going to end with yet another cliffhanger and make me burst into tears.

This novella goes into greater depth as to what it means to be a Nordic Fairy and places a larger emphasis on character development a. Review originally posted at Step Into Fiction Review completed by: Freya is the sister of Frey, the daughter of Niord and Nerthus or alternatively known as Skadi.


Völva – Wikipedia

This could of been one book. Freja by Tairies Berg Goodreads Author. This Goddess was said to be the daughter of Njord her mother is not known. You might be interested in It was in when the Northern island state of Iceland hit the headlines after the. I couldn’t give it any less. On national television, she is reminded of a painful memory from their past.

After working a few years as a Marketing Manager, Saga Berg started writing the novella series Nordic Fairies, her first published story. Men who practiced sorcery or magic were not received with the same respect but killed like animals and tortured to death because they were dealing with a practice that was held to be in the domain of women.

Svala with the fairiea Viggo will give her a sign, and let her know how he is doing. To placate her Od was offered a place in Valhalla despite not faiiries as a hero on the battlefield. Retrieved from ” https: Freya has a strong affiliation with gold and precious stones.

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